Welcome to the new blog by the Editors of Leucrota Press.

A place to trade information about the publishing business, ask questions, get tips for writers, and listen – well, read – to us blow off some steam about the peeves of the industry, and the writers and submissions that come with it.

2 Responses

  1. on side, shoulder pain from leaning on it. dry right eye. eternal crusty rubbing wont help. dry filmy goo doo. dont yuck my yum with your smacking noises. holes in the left shoulder of his shirt. shake the wammy bar with a vengence, yell out the noise. go to best buy and switch all of the stations in the ghetto-blaster section to something other than c-rap. jet lag and internet fragging Halo junkies typing just to hear the keys click. organic mechanic or write in better 0rg4N1c_M3k4n1k. strange hybrid animal with mesquite flavor cooked with a rubbed in liquid smoke sauce. that plastic shrubb on the side is a nasty botanical nusance. flanger + reverb = flerb. use it to melt the reactor. children yell too loud making my ears clip out. click click like when the airplane gets too high our when we swim t o o l o w d o w n . Th3 heat index for today is a scorching 112 my ground grabbers are sticking to the pavement. to lazy to shave my beard so i just shave my neck. all the children at the mall have the same face. wad up squares of coarse grit, heavy guage sand paper to use as chewing gum. chew it like going out of style is going out of style. im not brushing my teeth im already in bed kcuf it.

  2. …Can I have some of whatever you’re on?

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