A few book recommendations…

I usually don’t like giving specific titles for reference use to writers. Normally I give ideas on what books should include, and general tips on where to find books. Though since I’ve received several emails regarding the same questions about queries and formatting, I thought I’d just include a few.

How to Write Attention-Grabbing Query & Cover Letters
by John Wood
10707.jpgWhile this book focuses mainly on magazine article and non-fiction queries, it does touch upon fiction as well. For the most part the rules and guidelines listed apply to all types of submissions, laying out the basics do’s and dont’s of queries, different types of query letters, outlines for a synopsis, and formatting issues. The book also covers a bit of the various types of correspondence between a writer and editors, which can be helpful for those of you who have not yet communicated with a publisher.

Again, while it may not the best choice for the fiction-only writer, I think it’s a good overall reference to have, or at least skim through at your local library. Available from Writer’s Digest Books.

The Chicago Manual of Style
The Chicago Manual of Style 15th Ed.
University of Chicago Press
The Chicago Manual of Style is a must have for every writer, editor, and publisher. The book discusses every imaginable style question to the point of exhaustion, with extensive examples and illustrative scenarios. Nearly every possible question regarding writing, editing, formating, publishing, and style is somehow touched upon in this book, giving a great all-around blanket of knowledge. This particular edition includes numerous examples of citing electronic publications,information on editing foreign-language publications, and advice on assembling manuscripts for electronic journals.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is serious about their writing.

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  1. Make peace, not war!

  2. That first one is a great resource. Also, the handbook that they sell along side the Writer’s Market is fairly handy.

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