Another quirky query….

I received this the other day, and thought I’d share it to give an idea of what not to put into your query:

Listen, books are really hard to make. It would take more than a year to make a novel. Would you mind if I turned in a short story instead? The Leucrota Press did not seem to give me the rules for short stories. Could you please tell me the instructions, or rules on your website for short stories?

…Uh, yeah. Don’t do this. It’s not funny, entertaining, or impressive. Most editors won’t even take the time to write out more than a “no.” Especially, when this is all that was sent. All publishers list specific instructions on how to submit, as well as detailing what genres/forms they are looking for. The slush piles are already high enough, please don’t build them higher by not reading submission guidelines first.

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