Abaculus Stories Chosen

This was originally posted as a comment to another post, but I figured it should probably be posted on the main page as well.

It took hours of contemplation, editors arguing with each other – some even walking out the door to cool off – but we finally were able to settle down (well, some of us at least) and come to an agreement and made our final list of story inclusions for Abaculus 2007.

We’re not going to post the list just yet. We’ll have that up no later than September 15th. We’re holding off until we contact the chosen authors, then send and receive anthology contracts before making any names known. We’re doing this to make sure that the authors and editors agree on everything, and that the details are finalized before going public.
Congratulations to all selected submitters. Your writing stood out above all other submissions sent to us from across the board and around the world – stories sent in from China, Japan, Australia, England, Iceland, Germany, Cuba, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and of course, the USA – and we’re glad that we were able to give you that opportunity.

For those of you who did not make the cut, please, don’t stop writing. Stories submitted were pitted up against both new and seasoned authors, and trust me, it was not easy to whittle the numbers down to a handful from the several hundred we received.

Keep your chin up, and keep trying. You’ll get there.


8 Responses

  1. Interesting site and blog. Wish I had known about Abaculus beforehand.

    Out of curiousity, how’d you find my site?

  2. Hamster-

    Thanks for the site visit. Yes, interesting seems an appropriate word… Abaculus will be open for submissions again in April until July. Rules and guidelines are posted on our submissions page.

    I found your site skimming through blog tags, looking for anything that will catch my eye. I tend to do that when I’m trying to tune out my editors…

  3. The name was my idea…

  4. …you’re such a liar.

  5. Say…when I sent my no doubt brilliantly written story in, (ahem – still awaiting my acceptance notification and correspondingly heartfelt congratulations by the way) the auto-reply promised, “We will get back to you shortly with a personalized response.”

    Will everyone really get a personalized response?

  6. MasRogue,

    I believe you are from Writing.com, correct? We’ve also posted some information there on our profile, if that helps.

    For novels, yes. We make sure to read each submission carefully, and if we choose not to publish it will let the writer know why in a personalized letter, giving several reasons and examples of what helped us make our decision. No form letters with “not at this time” or “you can find better representation other ways…”

    As far as the short stories go, to be honest, somewhat. We received several hundred submissions within a two month period, and between that and our normal book submissions it would take us a few months to catch up on responding with personalized critiques of two to thirteen page stories instead of simple “no’s,” probably not even catching up until the next submissions opening for Abaculus 2008.

    We will comment on a lot of them, one’s that caught our eye and we liked – but just didn’t quite make the cut. Sadly, there were many stories that we debated on for days, but when there are only 19 slots and that many stories there are going to be those that are left out. All submissions that were sent via post with return postage will get a personalized response, probably with some marks on their story as well. For email, we will try to get back to as many as we can, but like I said it just takes a lot of extra time with manpower that we don’t have. For stories we can’t personally respond to, or don’t have much to say about it, they’ll be grouped into categories of reasons why – plot wasn’t interesting, no characterization, characters not believable, dialogue poorly written, didn’t fit into our genres (we got a lot of these), wasn’t scary (horror), etc. So yes, everyone will know why, but it my not be detailed specificaly for their story beyond a few sentences.

    We’re holding off on releasing the list of included stories, as we’re still in the process of contacting authors and sending out contracts. If anyone does not hear from us by the 15th, they can safely assume that their story didn’t make it, and we’ll try to respond within a week of the closing date. And just for your comment, I promise regardless of the answer, I will personally respond to your submission myself. Thanks!

  7. Just wanted to say Hello to everyone.
    Much to read and learn here, I’m sure I will enjoy !

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