Abaculus 2007 Story List

Well, the list has been made, contracts reviewed, and Abaculus 2007 is now officially in the final stages of editing, and will begin layout shortly.

As we’ve said before, it took hours – no, days – of contemplation, arguing, kicking and screaming to finalize the selected stories; the number upped to 20 instead of 19, as we just couldn’t decide between the final two, we chose to put both in.

The Leucrota Press Abaculus 2007 anthology list of stories and authors, in no particular order:

“Poison” by Joshua Waddles

“Atakapa Sunset” by Willis Couvillier

“Itch” by Trevor Hopkins

“Voyage of the Wayfarer” by W.D. Wilcox

“Trauma Train” by David Michael Peak

“Dariel” by Angela Graham

“The Witches Jar” by Beth Ann Starbuck

“The Silent Rattle” by A.S. Berman

“Instinct” by Natasha Le Petit

“Reputations” by Emma Melville

“Waiting for the Flood” by Bryce Steffen

“The Passenger” by Matt R. Konopka

“Neon” by Michael P. McNichols

“Samael Grove” by Phil Keeling

“Game of Concentration” by Sean Berleman

“Elmer’s Grue” by Brandon Ford

“Rebellion of History” by Devlin Lemoine

“Quest” by J.S. Raybould

“Try Not to Breathe” by Lynn McKenzie

“The Hanged Man” by Liz Kimberlin

Again, congratulations to all selected submitters. Your writing stood out above all other submissions sent to us from across the board and around the world – stories sent in from China, Japan, Australia, England, Iceland, Germany, Cuba, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and of course, the United States of America – and we are glad we are able to give you that opportunity.

For those of you who did not make the cut, please, don’t stop writing. Stories submitted were pitted up against both new and seasoned authors, and it was not easy an easy task for the editors to whittle the numbers down to a handful from the several hundred we received.

The entire Leucrota Press staff thanks you for your support, and we wish you the best.

Keep your chin up, and remember there’s always next year. You’ll get there.


10 Responses

  1. Oooh, I think I know Lynn McKenzie from WDC. She placed higher than me on Troublesome Musings with a really awesome journal-type story. Ha ha… Compared with her stuff, I guess my stuff would naturally fall into that “not scary enough” rejection category.

    Some of the titles sound really interesting. Is this going to show up at Borders and the like, or am I going to have to order it if that’s the only store around?

  2. Hi NM-

    Trust us, the decision on who to include was not easy. It wasn’t necessarily true that any stories were “not good enough,” just that there were others that were “better.”

    Abaculus will be available on our website, Amazon.com, borders.com (though that might take a week to post) and around several brick-and-mortar stores throughout the counrty. We don’t know which stores in which cities at this point, but once the book is released you can always order it though the bookstore and have it shipped.

    Don’t take it too hard, only 20 stories were chosen out of a few hundred, so you were up against a lot. Remember, there’s always next year. Submissions open in April. Check out our site for posted guidelines.

  3. Sorta curious —

    How’d the winners of the contest place? Was there a “placing” order? I slid my story in at like the last minute before it closed, and was thrilled that it was acceptable. Still curious about the contest side of it though.


  4. Willis-

    The contest side of it was reserved for pre-registered Writing.com members. As most of our editors are/ex-Writing.com members, we had decided to post up a contest that would allow budding and struggling writers an extra shot.

    The winners list can be found at: http://www.writing.com/main/forums/item_id/1294426

  5. Well, I just wanted to post a thank you for choosing my story! I’m really excited, not just for myself, but for the other WDC authors that were chosen! This kind of opportunity doesn’t come along very often, so thank you very much!

    Beth Ann Starbuck a/k/a AutumnWytch

  6. Thanks for the compliment, Mello!

    I’m honored to have been chosen, especially since my story’s not “traditional” horror, at least not in my opinion. I look forward to seeing the final result. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for the clarification!

    BTW, is Writing.com hosted by Writer’s Digest? Never heard of it before now.

    My hang-outs have been Speculations.com, Hatrack River, HollyLisle.com and SFF.net. It’d be cool to have another…


  8. Thanks really aren’t necessary. You guys earned it.
    Though I do appreciate the nice comments.

    No, Writing.com is not hosted by Writer’s Digest.

  9. Psst!! Ed!!

    Hate to be the one to bring this up, but my name is mis-spelled on the ToC posted here….

    ::ducks back into the shadows to avoid thrown missiles::


  10. Yeah, yeah, you better run.
    *sheepish grin* ‘Tis all better now….sorry about that.

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