Abaculus Stories and Contest Results


Even though I posted the results on the 15th, I’ve still been getting several emails about where to view the results for the Writing.com contest, the stories that will be included in the book, and whether their story made it.

So here it is again:

For the Leucrota Press WRITING.COM contest entry (opened to Writing.com pre-registered members only) click here.

For the complete listing of all ACCEPTED and INCLUDED stories into Abaculus 2007, please view our previous posting here.

If you DID NOT get an invitation letter sent to you by the 15th, and your name is NOT on the lists, it means your story was not accepted. We thank you for your submission, and we’re sorry that it did not make the cut. But we had to choose the best 20 stories out of the several hundred we received. It wasn’t that your story was necessarily bad, it’s just that there were others out there that were better.

Keep writing, and remember there is always next year.


One Response

  1. Thanks for this post, I never received a notice, which for some reason I thought I would. This kept me from further clogging up your email since I was going to send out my question this afternoon.

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