I’m going craaaaaazy!

It’s funny, how when one is stuck in an unwanted situation (such as reading piles and piles of crap loaded on the corner of my sagging desk), the ends to which the human mind will go in order to keep its sanity.

Despite my displeasure at country music in the last decade, I’ve found that Garth Brooks is an excellent remedy for the craziness. *shakes head.*

No, an intervention is not necessary. Surprisingly, I happen to be enjoying my unbalanced mood at the moment.


3 Responses

  1. Oh ho, I am the king of getting out of doing what I’m supposed to be doing may I suggest:


    I’m really not much into country music but someone put me on to those videos and they were great distractions. Have fun.

  2. I think youtube is the evil of workplaces.
    But I love it!

  3. Well then here you go, my all time favorite

    nothing like contributing to the anit-work ethic.

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