Leucrota Press back at home

Ok, well everyone’s been allowed back into their homes, and back to the office. Everyone’s fine, just a little sleep depraved and stressed.

We actually came out quite well – a few knocked over trees and bushes right outside, and we’ve had to keep fans and air cleaners running for the past 24 hours to help clear out the smoke. After a few runs with the mop and wiping down all shelves and walls, most of the soot is gone. There is still a faint smoke smell – but that will probably take a few days to a week to be completely out.

While we’re back and running, please be patient with us for the next week or so. We are behind schedule nearly a week, and haven’t been able to read submissions, answer emails, phones, etc. since last Saturday. We’re working as fast as we can to catch up, but with the incoming work it may take us a little bit.

Again, thanks for the support and understanding.