Abaculus proofs have arrived!

The editor copies for Abaculus, 2007 have arrived, and they look wonderful!

They are hardcover laminate, cloth binding, with beautiful edges and wonderful artwork….
But, ahem, there is something that needs to be fixed before it’s approved and sent off to authors and stores. Not the printer’s fault though – ours actually. Just a mistake on the table of contents that no one caught…until now.

Yeah, it’s a little embarrassing, but hey, what the hell. We learned.

We also made a slight change to the previously posted cover artwork; just the font used in the title. The original didn’t print well, and this came out much clearer.

So the corrections will be made today, and verification should happen in a few days, and then we’ll start shipping off contributor copies and review copies. The release date is still solidly set for December 7, 2007, and we can’t wait to see them out and available.


6 Responses

  1. Sweet news — eagerly waiting my copy!


  2. Oh, and by the way, all you contributing artists/authors.

    Several of you have emailed to let us know you’ve moved. If you have moved recently, and have NOT sent us an email with your new contact information, you may not get your book. Why? For several reasons.

    1. Post offices don’t always forward all of your mail.
    2. They might be forwarding your mail, but they only do it for a short period of time.
    3. We are not going to hunt you down. If the book is returned undeliverable, then that’s it. We’re not going to resend and resend just to find out you’ve moved cross country, and a year later you’re wondering why you didn’t get your copy.

    So please if you did move, or are planning to in the next two–three weeks, let us know.


  3. I haven’t had a location change since I was accepted, so my info is current.

    I’m happy to see that progress is happening, with all your area is going through.

  4. where are the books going to be availiable at? Do you have a problem if I link them to my web site? 😀

  5. I meant ‘put a link to them from my web site?’


  6. No, not a problem at all, Ester.

    The books will be available immediately through Amazon.com (US and UK), our own website, and hopefully soon up at Borders and BN. We’re having a little issue with BN online, as we’re a new publisher they’ve got hoops up the ass to jump through and paperwork and timing restrictions to follow, but hopefully that will be cleared up soon.

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