Disturbing writing prompts

I get the question of “how to overcome writer’s block” more than you’ll ever know. So, to help out a bit, below is a list of ten strange, unique…disturbing…prompts to help kick your butts in gear if you’re in a writing slump, carefully put together by our editors and strange-but-surprisingly-helpful friends.

**Note. This list is odd, and not meant for young adult or children fiction. Please be aware. There, we warned you.**

1. You wake up in your college dorm bathroom. The only light is that filtering through the filmy windows high above the showers. You’re alone. You try the door, only to find yourself locked in. Then you realize that it’s the first morning of Thanksgiving break, and since the dorms were cleared out and locked, you’re stuck for the next four days. How do you entertain yourself?

2. You’re at home. You just got out of the shower, when the bathroom door starts shaking. A seven-inch long spider leg comes exploring under the crack at the bottom of the door. What’s worse, it’s got your spouse’s wedding ring looped around it’s hairy appendage…

3. You accidently run over the next door neighbor’s seeing-eye dog. How do you tell the nine-year old owner?

4. Back in the bathroom. You’re sitting on the toilet, and you hear a splash, even get a few droplets spattered your behind. You look down – your penis just fell off.

5. You come home from work early to find your dog reclined on the couch with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a cigarette.

6. Write an 800 word story about a small, red-headed boy named Claire. Though he’s nearly 13 he looks to be pushing eight, has a fear of anything that flies (especially hummingbirds) and is allergic to chocolate, peanut butter, wheat, strawberries, milk, and latex. He only has one limb (you get to choose).

7. You find a business card left under your windshield wiper that says: “Population controller and problem solver. 15% discount to all new customers, and an extra 10% for maltreated husbands.”

8. You’re at the hospital for your mid-term ultrasound. The doctor’s face pales and steps out of the room for a moment, muttering something to someone before he turns his attention back to you. With a slight frown, he twists the monitor so you can see. Your 20 week old baby has a five inch neck and a tail.

9. You’re falling asleep at your desk when your nose starts itching. You sneeze, and an earthworm slips out.

10. Imagine yourself inside of your favorite movie. Kill off the main character and take over his love life.

11 Responses

  1. I like 1, 3 and 10 the best.1 and 10 are particularly ripe with possibilty, but I like 3 just because it’s so outrageous and yet has probably happened. I keep thinking one of the excuses would be “Well, look. He couldn’t have been a very good seeing eye dog if he just walked out in front of my car, so it’s for the best! Really!”

  2. 4 is my greatest fear….

  3. DJ – isn’t it for all of us… 😉

    Mello … heartless sonofbitch…

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  5. Number four would be traumatic. But if it ever happened, I could always tryout for American Idol.

  6. Y’know, number three bothers me a bit. I like the idea, but I find it pretty unlikely that you managed to hit a seeing eye dog with your car and NOT also hit the person that dog was trained to always be with. Maybe if the dog actually belonged to the child’s father/mother, but the kid would always play with it in the yard during it’s “off-hours”. Now you’ve both screwed over a blind man and took away his son’s best friend.

    Heh, just being over-speculative. I do like these ideas.

  7. Anithero….

    Well I guess we accomplished our goal. It put your mind to work, didn’t it?

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  9. CREEPY…..

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