Abaculus available for pre-order

targetimageashx.jpgAbaculus 2007 is available for pre-orders. You can order through Amazon.com or through Borders.com, and hopefully soon B&N.I’m having trouble with the Amazon staff (big surprise) about the book description and general info, because as of right now, a lot of it is missing. I’m hoping they’ll come to their senses and have everything right by tomorrow’s release date. If any Abaculus contributor would like to order directly through us, you can do that too. We’ll even throw in a hefty author discount. Just contact us via email as soon as possible if you’re interested. Thanks everyone for your support on our first book. It really has been a pleasure. 

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  1. I for one would like a second copy — what email should we use to contact you on?

  2. Will-
    Just email us at info@leucrotapress.com with “Abaculus” in the subject heading.

  3. Done!

  4. Man, I got a shiver down my spine seeing it up on Amazon. Awesome!

  5. Oh, I got the post a little mixed up-

    You can order the book at Amazon.com, Borders.com, and through us.

    You may also get it at select Borders stores (not sure which ones yet), and should be able to request a copy via special order there as well.

  6. I’m thrilled that the book is up and available. I would like to know more about the discount contributor copies. Thanks so much, and I look forward to receiving my copy!

  7. Looking forward to see the comments when the copies arrive — you have a praise tab yet?

  8. Have the contributors copies gone out yet? Has anyone already received theirs?

  9. Just received mine — my story is first in it, and with my name mis-spelled, to boot!

    Still, a nice tight book, hardcover.

  10. How did your book arrive? Postal service? I’m still waiting for mine.

  11. Yep. Plain old Postal — heard the mailbox clank and there it was!

  12. Mine arrived (in England!) this morning. Looks good – will be reading it cover-to-cover this evening!

  13. Still waiting on mine. Hoping it’s today since I don’t live in England. Looking forward!

  14. Maybe they were sent out in story order? : ) I’m in NYC and still waiting …

  15. Never mind — my copy came today! Looking forward to getting to read/know you all. Happy 2008! I can be reached at vekimberlin@hotmail.com; story “The Hanged Man.”

  16. What a great collection! It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be associated with you all,

    Now that the story is in print, I suddenly feel an urge to get back to my fantasy novel sequence… 😉

  17. Well, I’m glad you all got yours. I trust mine will arrive by week’s end (she said hopefully).

    Oh, and Happy New Year, everyone!

  18. Happy New Year, all! Lynn, I hope you’ve finally received your copy. Like you, Trevor, I’m really motivated to work on the fantasy novel that’s been brewing over the last several years. I’ve started reading our book and have been very impressed so far.

  19. QUESTION: Does anyone know what plans are being made to market ABACULUS 2007 apart from the obvious online commercial channels and the authors’ individual promotion efforts? I may well have overlooked something in research, but I don’t see where this is addressed here on the website. I would appreciate thoughts from both writers and editors …

  20. I got them at last! I’m impressed by the quality of the writing, most definitely. Excellent all round.

    And I agree with Liz: I’m willing to help promote ABACULUS in any way I can. I’ve already put a link to it via Amazon on Writing.Com in my port.

  21. Authors-

    Glad you’ve all (or at least, I hope all) of you have received your book copies.

    As far as marketing, we’ve sent out promotional material to many bookstores, libraries, highschools, and book/reading groups around the country. We’ve got several bookstores interested, and B&N has picked up a few, as well as on the Borders website, but we’re still waiting on a definate list before we start naming names. The book has also been picked up in several highschools in California, Washington, and possibly one or two back east, but again, still waiting.

    One of the contributors to Abaculus had called us earlier this week and asked about the possibility of setting up an author book signing tour. While I greatly appreciated his efforts and legwork in trying to talk to bookstores to put something together, it really isn’t something that’s possible; one, because half of our authors are overseas and the rest are spread across the US, and two because we’re a small press and can’t afford to fly 20 authors around the country on a 10 to 15 city tour.

    Usually, that kind of promotion is held off for a single author–and not just any author, only the ones that either have made it big, or the entire house really believes that the author will make it big. Why? Well, because it’s expensive. Really expensive. And beyond getting much needed promotion, the actual tours don’t normally sell many books. It’s more from word of mouth by people who attended the events, or one who bought a book, and who told a friend who then went online via Amazon to buy a copy.

    Because Abaculus 2007 was our first anthology, a lot of our marketing efforts were sent out trying to get writers’ (your) attention to send in your stories in the first place. For this year’s volume, 2008, we won’t have to do that as we constantly receive questions about the upcoming book from prospective authors, questions from independent bookstores about getting books pre-release, and we already have several authors and editors set up to read review copies before the 2008 release.

    So while we’re doing our best, Abaculus 2008 will already have the marketing plan laid out by the 2007 version, and the promotion will come much easier. This past year’s anthology is taking a little longer to get off the ground, but we are trying.

    If anyone has particular suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know about them. Thanks. 🙂

  22. Do you have any out with reviewers? Besides being a tad interested in what a reviewer may think about my story, a good review or two could kick up the interest in the book and the publishing house.

  23. Just out of curiosity I’ve started researching what it would take ($$) to have some kind of presence at the various sci-fi/fantasy cons. Not to make “star” type appearances (but that’s totally okay, too! ), but maybe get a table with two or three of the ABACULUS authors more local to the area to sit, schmooze, promote — and, yes, sell — the book. I’m in New York, so if there’s a Star Trek Con in DC or a Buffy Con in Boston, I can get there easily without spending too much. But then I’m a playwright used to commiting independent acts of shameless self-promotion at my own expense. For a lot of you in other parts of U.S. and the world, this may not be at all feasible…

  24. Hi Liz,

    Adrian just emailed you

  25. Thanks — I just answered!

  26. Has everyone already gotten copies? I haven’t :S

  27. Re Liz’s suggestion: I could get to DC or Baltimore if there’s anything there. Depends on how much the con itself would cost.

  28. Lynn, you can email me at vekimberlin@hotmail.com. We can take a look at what’s happening in that area — if anything — and maybe discuss some options.

  29. Hey guys,
    I’m still working on the list of upcoming cons for this year – we have a few authors coming out early to mid summer, and we’ll be hosting a few tables for them at a few smaller cons. I’ll put the list up as soon as I’m able – though it probably won’t be for another two weeks – and if anyone is interested in stopping by, you can email me and we’ll try to set up booth space.

    We’re not signed up at the larger cons this year – BookExpo America or Canada – just because the entrance fees and setup fees would have put a huge hole in our marketing budget, so we’re having to hold off those two until next year.

  30. I finally found a moment to compare the published version of Itch to the one I submitted.

    There’s not a lot of different, and the minor additions and deletions do seem to have resulted in a tighter story.

    Still, I slightly puzzled by a couple of substitutions:
    OK -> fine
    pitta -> pita

    I wonder if there are some obscure difference between British and American English? Or is there some other reason?

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