Marketing Abaculus 2007

We’ve gotten a few emails from authors with questions as to the marketing efforts on Abaculus 2007. Below is a copy of a comment I posted on an earlier post:

As far as marketing, we’ve sent out promotional material to many bookstores, libraries, highschools, and book/reading groups around the country. We’ve got several bookstores interested, and B&N has picked up a few, as well as on the Borders website, but we’re still waiting on a definate list before we start naming names. The book has also been picked up in several highschools in California, Washington, and possibly one or two back east, but again, still waiting.

One of the contributors to Abaculus 2007 called us earlier this week and asked about the possibility of setting up an author book signing tour. While I greatly appreciated his efforts and legwork in trying to talk to bookstores to put something together, it really isn’t something that’s possible; one, because half of our authors are overseas and the rest are spread across the US, and two because we’re a small press and can’t afford to fly 20 authors around the country on a 10 to 15 city tour.

Usually, that kind of promotion is held off for a single author–and not just any author, only the ones that either have made it big, or the entire house really believes that the author will make it big. Why? Well, because it’s expensive. Really expensive. And beyond getting much needed promotion, the actual tours don’t normally sell many books. It’s more from word of mouth by people who attended the events, or one who bought a book, and who told a friend who then went online via Amazon to buy a copy.

Because Abaculus 2007 was our first anthology, a lot of our marketing efforts were sent out trying to get writers’ (your) attention to send in your stories in the first place. For this year’s volume, 2008, we won’t have to do that as we constantly receive questions about the upcoming book from prospective authors, questions from independent bookstores about getting books pre-release, and we already have several authors and editors set up to read review copies before the Abaculus 2008 release.

So while we’re doing our best with 2007, Abaculus 2008 will already have the marketing plan laid out by the 2007 version, and the promotion will come much easier. This past year’s anthology is just taking a little longer to get off the ground, but we are trying.

If anyone has particular suggestions or questions, don’t hesitate to let us know about them. Thanks. 🙂


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  1. I found an Abaculus 2007 at our local used bookstore. It looked fairly new, but I picked it up. So, it is getting out there…

  2. What part of the country are you in?

  3. I read a magazine called Fangoria which does monthly reviews on new horror books, including anthologies, and I actually thought it would be a great idea to contact them and ask if they would review the Abaculus book. That would definately make my day, seeing a book that I’m in reviewed in my favorite magazine. Let me know what you think, thanks again.

  4. Matt,

    It’s really a great idea, and one that could be executed by either us or the authors. The same goes for any genre or specialy topic magazine or paper.

    If you’re stoked about the magazine, you’re more than welcome to contact them as an author promoting your book – if you get approval, we’d be happy to be put in contact with them to send off a book.

    Of course, if you’re not too keen on being a publicist, just let us know and we could also stick our noses into it…

  5. Fangoria is a great idea! I might even add that it’s a sister publication of the Starlog group, which has a huge readership. Starlog might also be persuaded to review the book.

  6. That’s alright, I Iove trying to promote things like this! I wrote the magazine this afternoon, so hopefully they will get back to me in the next couple of days

  7. SFX magazine in the UK is the best selling SF and Fantasy magazine over here. I don’t know if they reviewed Abaculus 2007 or not, but it would be a wise idea to send them a copy as their book review section is excellently compiled and they do have a large readership. They are such a good mag. that they tend to promote a level of loyalty beyond others. I’ve been buying and reading it for well over a decade.

  8. Thank you for the comment, Bob. We have looked into them and will definitely be in contact with them.

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