Sorry for the absence

I apologize for the somewhat long absence this past month on the blog – I hadn’t planned on taking a leave until after the little one is here, but apparently nature has a sick sense of humor, and had put me in and out of the doctor’s office/hospital for the last two weeks.

While our website states I’ll be out of office for two weeks starting May 5, it seems it may be as of this Friday morning, as a problem with my blood pressure may make it necessary to induce. Fun….

So, if anyone has any dying questions that need answering, please get them to me ASAP, otherwise, you’ll have to wait for my response, or deal with one of the editors during my scheduled leave. I will be randomly checking my email here and there during my (ahem) “vacation,” but don’t expect too much of me. I’ll be trying to get as much sleep as I can before returning to work on the 19th.

Again, sorry for the silence this last month, but baby comes before chatting, and I promise to doodle some interesting posts on the crisp hospital sheets while waiting to be released from the sterile hell.

Until then!


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