Of Quills and Kings – upcoming release

GENRE: Fantasy

AUTHOR: Joel Reeves

RELEASE DATE: July 4, 2008


It has the power to heal, to prolong life, and to make one a god. It also has the power to bend minds and control free will…

Jonathan Quintain is a naïve young man reluctant to assume leadership after the Baron abandons the castle with his mistress and most of the staff. When a spell cast by the inept advisor and castle mage, Gamitof Pym, goes awry, the castle is turned upside down— freeing a very-underestimated hedgehog prisoner and displacing the magical Orb.

Pox, the youngest of a line of inept and arrogant deities who originally had control of and then lost the Orb, sets out on a mission to recover it. Though Pox’s seemingly easy task becomes botched when Walpole, the so-called Sacred Hedgehog of Yurle, steals the Orb and begins his mission for world domination.

Following a battle for the now-ruined castle, Jonathan learns that the demonic hedgehog has captured the realm’s child-king. With nothing left at home for a young man’s appetite for adventure, he and his friends set off into the desolate land of Yurle to save their king and hopefully recover the stolen Orb.

It is in the unfamiliar and dangerous lands of Yurle that Jonathan and Gamitof discover the challenges of life outside the confines of the castle, and more importantly, they learn the true depths of Walpole’s devious nature and his ultimate plan for humankind.


“There are some things that should not be in the hands of Evil. “Of Quills and Kings” is the story of a young man who must fight a demonic hedgehog for his homeland’s most valued treasure – the Orb of Immortality.

The problem is made more pressing in that the Orb greatly enhances the Hedgehog’s powers. Jonathan, our young hero, must brave insurmountable odds lest he surrender his homeland to the hands of a demon. “Of Quills and Kings” is an exciting fantasy novel from start to finish, and a top pick for community library fantasy collections and their customers.”

–The Midwest Book Review


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