Another reminder about submitting

Ok, so it seems I must repeat myself–again–on our submission guidelines.

Leucrota Press has explicit instructions on what we are looking for in novels as well as how to go about sending it in. While the submissions for the most part have been following the “what we want” part by not sending us westerns or how-to books, submitters have been ignoring the “how we want it” when it comes to electronic submissions.

Submitting Your Manuscript Electronically

Lately, we’ve been getting a lot of submissions where the author just puts “Here’s a submission for ya, hope you like it!” and then pasting their three chapters (and sometimes the entire novel) into the body of the email.

…In case you’re a little behind, that’s not what we want. It’s annoying as hell to read such a long email, a pain in the ass to try to copy and paste it into Word so that we can read it later.

So, as I’ve stated before, we’ve decided to stop.

If you decide to paste your submission into the body of your email, fine, by all means go right ahead. And this is exactly what will happen:

“$#*! again? For someone who calls themselves a writer they sure don’t know how to read $#*!ing directions.”

The editor quickly scrolls the cursor across the screen to select the reply button. His fingers twiddle over the keyboard for a moment before rapidly clicking across the keys.

“Dear Author. You failed to follow directions. Sorry.”

He shakes his head, thinking about how badly he needs a drink, and hits send. He opens up the original email, and with a flick of the wrist clicks delete. He stretches his neck and moves on to the next submission, forever forgetting the naughty writer who didn’t follow directions…

Sound harsh? We thought so at first, but after giving chance after chance, it’s become the norm here. And it’s not like we’re doing anything different than what the “big houses” do. In fact, many other publishers might not even bother responding at all. So no, we’re not being mean. We’re being practical–we don’t want to deal with authors who can’t follow simple instructions on something as simple as an email.

Postal Submissions

As a quick note, those authors that have been submitting by mail have been rather good at following all directions. Though just remember to include all of the required materials when submitting by mail: ie. a SASE.

Or at least an email address or phone number. Just remember–no contact information means no response. ‘Tis the way it goes…


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