Advance Reader Copy Giveaway

What’s an advance reader copy (or, commonly known as ARC)? An ARC is a copy of a book released by the publisher before the book has gone to press for a complete printing. Many times the ARCs do not have the final dust jacket or paper cover, formatting or binding of the finished product; and the text of an ARC might also differ slightly from that of the final published book if the book is edited after the ARC is produced (usually for widows, typos, or to add pages of reviews and front matter). ARCs are normally distributed to reviewers, bookstores, magazines, and (in some cases) libraries between two and six months before the book is officially released.

Low Man, by T.J. Vargo
Genre: horror
Release Date: October 13, 2008



Robbed at gunpoint while working the nightshift at a convenience store, Benny Assissi takes stock of his life. His good-paying factory job is gone—outsourced overseas. His wife sits in a hospital emergency room with his dying son. And there’s a gun under the counter, one he never saw until now.

Determined to gain control over his life, he grabs the gun and runs after the thief. One bullet later, he finds out how precious life is and how far he must go to keep it, even if it means walking straight through Hell.

In the fog of death, he discovers that life isn’t about what you have, but how much you love—and how far you’ll go to see your love again.


“Vargo introduces the reader to tangible characters in the presence of ancient and impure evil. A must read, preferably during the day in a well-lit room.” —T.M. Gray, Author of GHOSTS OF MAINE

“Vargo is a writer who’s not afraid to take chances, a writer who understands how to craft characters with whom a reader can relate, a writer to watch very, very carefully.”—Brian A. Hopkins, Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author

“Vargo is a voice with a certain place in the future of horror.” —David Whitman, Author of DEADFELLAS

“Vargo writes some of the most vividly detailed scenes I’ve read in years. The characters are as real as anyone you’ll meet on the street (and a few you’ll hope you never meet.) Fans of dark fantasy and suspense should rejoice and welcome Vargo with open arms.” —Brandon Massey, author of VICIOUS and THE OTHER BROTHER

We will randomly pick three entrants to receive ARC copies of the novel. Free of charge. Winners don’t pay tax, shipping, zip.

Simply post a comment on this post with your email address by midnight PST on August 22, 2008. That’s it. We will randomly pick three winners, and will contact them by email. If we cannot reach you within 48 hours after the contest ends, we will move on and pick someone else.

–You can only enter once. We employ highly-trained email spies. They will know if you’re cheating.
–You must post your email address. Otherwise we won’t know how to send you the book.
–If chosen, you must respond back within 48 hours or you lose it.
–If chosen, you promise to read the entire novel, and then write a short and honest review about what you thought of the novel, and then email it to us as well as post on The review must be completely honest. If you love the book, please, rant about it. If you don’t, then say so. Honesty is the key here. And there’s no length minimum/max for your review–just…please do a little more than “Love it!” or “This book sucked.”

Again, the deadline is August 22,2008. AND YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ENTER!!! Good luck!


32 Responses

  1. Hi, the book sounds great. Count me in. My email address is Thanks a lot!

  2. I’d love to be chosen as I’ve had the pleasure of reading Tim’s work in the past and I know this one will be just as good. Can’t wait to get started on it! Thanks.

  3. I thought my email address would show up after I submitted so I hope you’ll include this in my post.

  4. I’m new to Tim’s writing, so this would be a good introduction to his stlye and voice! I tried to get him to come to a conference my writer’s club is holding but he can’t 😦 . Sandy

  5. I would like a free advanced copy.
    Vargo Rules!!!!!

  6. I’ve read some of Tim’s work in the past. I’d love the chance to read this newly published novel and offer a review! contact me at if i win a copy!!

    ps – Good Luck Tim!

  7. Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing the final version!

  8. Tim has a wonderful imagination. I am looking forward to his new book. Count me in for a possible advance copy.

    I’m proud of you, Tim.

  9. Please remember–

    If you do not include your email address, you cannot be included in the draw. We must be able to contact you immediately after the deadline.

    Thank you

  10. I’d love to read it.

  11. […] ARCs of T. J. Vargo’s Low Man from Leucrota Press, deadline 22 August. You must write a review if you win, though there are no […]

  12. Sign me up for the advanced copy.

  13. I’d love to win an ARC of “Lowman”. And if Mr. Vargo’s next book is titled “The Covenant”, I’d love to win an ARC of “The Covenant”…

  14. Tim is one of those guys that is great at anything he does, including writing. I am looking forward to reading and receiving my arc of LOW MAN.

  15. I’m interested, but can’t tell whether this is open to people outside the US. doesn’t allow reviews from people who haven’t bought from them … which means anyone outside the US can’t review on Amazon.COM, but could review on, say, Amazon.CA (or .CO.UK or .DE, etc.).

  16. I’m interested, thanks! And Congratulations Tim, I remember reading the draft copy, it was really good then and I’m betting it’s even better now.

  17. I had the opportunity to read the rough draft of the Low Man. I read it from cover to cover and was so impressed, I read it again. Very chilling!!!!!! Tim has a unique writing style that will keep his readers wanting more. Please enter me in the Advanced Copy Giveaway. Good Luck Tim……

  18. Reach me at if I win.

    If I don’t win, you suck.

    I’m kidding, of course.

  19. I can’t wait to read it

  20. I’ve recently reviewed short fiction, so a novel will be interesting to blog about!

  21. Congratulations Tim!!!! I cannot wait to read your book:)

  22. Vargoman Rocks dude!

  23. Hi! I’ve reviewed a few different books for various websites, and Low Man looks very intriguing! I’d be extremely grateful for the chance to review this book!

    You can contact me at


  24. sounds like a good book, count me in!

  25. Color me intrigued!

  26. I think I like the cover art. This is my e-mail address:

  27. LOL well, glad you approve Mr. Ting! How’s it going? Been a while…

  28. Read the draft and loved it. Can’t wait to read the final!!Congratulatuins Tim!!!

  29. This is the last day to enter, so if anyone else wants to try and win an ARC you must do it now…

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