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This blog is for the Editors of Leucrota Press to discuss facets of the publishing business, tips for writers, and to blow off some steam.If any writers have questions regarding our press, the publishing industry, or about submitting and manuscripts in general, please view our “Ask the Editors” tab above.

Please note that the purpose of this blog is to create writer/editor communication and understanding. Please don’t feel threatened, skittish, or reserved about asking questions, making comments, or saying things that might offend the editors – hell, we’ll do it right back. 😉 Come on, jump in the conversation, get involved, and help us improve by letting us know what you, the writers, need.

Note: All articles, posts, and comments are opinions of that posting editor, and may or may not be the opinion of the entire staff. These opinions are by no way meant to cover every editor at every publishing house, merely ours.

UPDATE ADDEDThere have been some issues with the discussions in the postings here on Take That Book And…, so below are listed as a few rules and general conduct guidelines for posting or commenting on the blog:

The blog is meant to be a communication and meeting place for new writers/authors to interact with editors, get insight, feedback, and ask questions.

Some of the topics posted – especially those by our Editor-in-Chief, are meant to provoke discussion and thought – many times beyond what the average writer normally think of. While we encourage discussion and opinions, it is important to remember that not everyone is as talented or successful as the next writer, and it does no one any good to put down others to make a point or build up themselves/their genre/their book/etc.

It’s a hard business to break into, and there is enough rejection and criticism out there without a writer needing to be personally attacked by another writer. It’s not fun, and it’s neither professional or right.

We encourage anyone to join in the discussion, and even provide critical feedback to either fellow writers or to an editor’s post, but try to keep the comments directed towards the post itself, not towards the particular editor or writer. Discuss the topic, damn it if you will, but keep it towards the topic only. Thank you.


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  1. Mostly blowing off steam.

  2. Where I can find good quality films?
    Can anyone help me?

  3. 🙂

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