Live Online Author Reading and Interview

Leucrota Press Blog Radio

Leucrota Press Blog Radio

Joel Reeves will be reading a few selected passages from his debut novel, Of Quills and Kings, on Leucrota’s new live Blog Radio on July 16, 2008 at 8:30 pm PST.

After the reading, he will be available to take questions from callers about the book, his writing, or just about himself. If you’d like to just call in and chat with him that’s fine as well. Remember that this will be a live show though, and we may have to limit each caller’s time if there is a long line of callers waiting.

If you have any questions for Joel, and would like to reserve a spot to make sure you’re put on the air, you may call us at 858.722.9783, or email our event gurus at

You may view the details of the radio segment here: Listeners will be able to listen from the blogtalkradio website, or directly from our own website at


August 22 Author Appearance

Joel Reeves, author of the novelOf Quills and Kings, will be appearing at the Horizion Books store in Traverse City, MI on August 22, 2008.

The signing will be held from 5-7 pm, and you can chat with him about his debut novel, hear a little reading, and purchase books while sipping on coffee and treats.

The signing will be located at:
Horizon Books
243 E. Front St.
Traverse City, MI 49684

For more information, you may contact Horizon Books at 231.946.7290, or visit their website or
frequently updated myspace page.

The McKenzie Files – coming summer 2008

The McKenzie Files
By: Barry Nelson
Genre: Science Fiction
Release date: Summer 2008
Cover image: Coming soon

The human United Protectorate is under attack by the reptilian alien race know as the Brelac. The Brelac’s bloodthirsty onslaught brings forth the creation of the genetically engineered humanoid weapons called Reploids.

These Reploids are the perfect weapon in every way; they are identical copies of real humans that have been captured, killed, cloned, embedded with powerful psionic-based abilities, and programmed to kill for the Brelac. They are untraceable, they blend into human society, and they are believable—so believable, that the Reploids themselves do not know they are clones.

Colin McKenzie is a second generation Reploid planted in the Protectorate military. When he turns on his commanding officer in an attempt to protect a shipwrecked band of Brelac soldiers, he is captured and reprogrammed—along with two other arrested Reploids—to serve the government they were originally created to destroy.

A dark alliance between the Brelac and the separatist organization Vendetta looms over the Protectorate. The balance is upset when the traitorous Doctor Howard Fenlow—the scientist who is the very creator of the Reploids—manages to produce a weapon powerful enough to bring the Protectorate to its knees.

And there are only three that can stop it.