Interested in chatting live with the editors?

This post is to do a little fishing….

Leucrota Press Blog Radio

Leucrota Press Blog Radio

As we’re just starting up our new live radio station as well as hosting this blog, we’re curious if anyone would be interested in having a live show with the editors of Leucrota Press to simply call in and chat, and we’re leaving it up to you readers to tell us what you want to talk about.

The topic can be pretty much anything, from publishing tips to editing, from plot to characterization, or about query letters or simply about what we want at this house. It really doesn’t matter, and we’re waiting for your feedback.

Remember, this will be a live online chat that you can call into via your computer or through a phone line (landline or cell), and you’ll be able ask the available editors your questions.

There is no date or time set for this yet, like we said, we’re just fishing to see if we get enough interest. If we do, then we’ll go forward and set up a schedule. Just let us know.


Live Online Author Reading and Interview

Leucrota Press Blog Radio

Leucrota Press Blog Radio

Joel Reeves will be reading a few selected passages from his debut novel, Of Quills and Kings, on Leucrota’s new live Blog Radio on July 16, 2008 at 8:30 pm PST.

After the reading, he will be available to take questions from callers about the book, his writing, or just about himself. If you’d like to just call in and chat with him that’s fine as well. Remember that this will be a live show though, and we may have to limit each caller’s time if there is a long line of callers waiting.

If you have any questions for Joel, and would like to reserve a spot to make sure you’re put on the air, you may call us at 858.722.9783, or email our event gurus at

You may view the details of the radio segment here: Listeners will be able to listen from the blogtalkradio website, or directly from our own website at