Advance Reader Copy Giveaway

What’s an advance reader copy (or, commonly known as ARC)? An ARC is a copy of a book released by the publisher before the book has gone to press for a complete printing. Many times the ARCs do not have the final dust jacket or paper cover, formatting or binding of the finished product; and the text of an ARC might also differ slightly from that of the final published book if the book is edited after the ARC is produced (usually for widows, typos, or to add pages of reviews and front matter). ARCs are normally distributed to reviewers, bookstores, magazines, and (in some cases) libraries between two and six months before the book is officially released.

Low Man, by T.J. Vargo
Genre: horror
Release Date: October 13, 2008



Robbed at gunpoint while working the nightshift at a convenience store, Benny Assissi takes stock of his life. His good-paying factory job is gone—outsourced overseas. His wife sits in a hospital emergency room with his dying son. And there’s a gun under the counter, one he never saw until now.

Determined to gain control over his life, he grabs the gun and runs after the thief. One bullet later, he finds out how precious life is and how far he must go to keep it, even if it means walking straight through Hell.

In the fog of death, he discovers that life isn’t about what you have, but how much you love—and how far you’ll go to see your love again.


“Vargo introduces the reader to tangible characters in the presence of ancient and impure evil. A must read, preferably during the day in a well-lit room.” —T.M. Gray, Author of GHOSTS OF MAINE

“Vargo is a writer who’s not afraid to take chances, a writer who understands how to craft characters with whom a reader can relate, a writer to watch very, very carefully.”—Brian A. Hopkins, Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author

“Vargo is a voice with a certain place in the future of horror.” —David Whitman, Author of DEADFELLAS

“Vargo writes some of the most vividly detailed scenes I’ve read in years. The characters are as real as anyone you’ll meet on the street (and a few you’ll hope you never meet.) Fans of dark fantasy and suspense should rejoice and welcome Vargo with open arms.” —Brandon Massey, author of VICIOUS and THE OTHER BROTHER

We will randomly pick three entrants to receive ARC copies of the novel. Free of charge. Winners don’t pay tax, shipping, zip.

Simply post a comment on this post with your email address by midnight PST on August 22, 2008. That’s it. We will randomly pick three winners, and will contact them by email. If we cannot reach you within 48 hours after the contest ends, we will move on and pick someone else.

–You can only enter once. We employ highly-trained email spies. They will know if you’re cheating.
–You must post your email address. Otherwise we won’t know how to send you the book.
–If chosen, you must respond back within 48 hours or you lose it.
–If chosen, you promise to read the entire novel, and then write a short and honest review about what you thought of the novel, and then email it to us as well as post on The review must be completely honest. If you love the book, please, rant about it. If you don’t, then say so. Honesty is the key here. And there’s no length minimum/max for your review–just…please do a little more than “Love it!” or “This book sucked.”

Again, the deadline is August 22,2008. AND YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS TO ENTER!!! Good luck!


Editorial Internship

Intern (one position) will spend most of their time writing, fact-checking, copyediting, and working with their assigned editor on character development, plot, and story details. 

Internships may be on-site or long-distance – Intern will work directly with an assigned editor through email and mail correspondence, phone conversations, or in person. Contact us for more details.
Student seeking a degree in English preferred (but not required); familiarity with Excel and Word; serious attention to minute detail with regards to manuscript editing; strong communication skills; eagerness to learn; and must demonstrate a passion for publishing. 

Must have interest in science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres. Trust us, we will be able to tell…

Experience with Macs a plus.
Paid Internship Info:
Small monthly stipend will be provided

Varies, approximately 6-15 hours per week

3 months, will be determined
Start Date:

End Date:

How to Apply:
Send a resume, cover letter, two writing samples, and three references to jobs@leucrotapress with Editorial Internship in the subject line.

Deadline to Apply:

Call for Artwork

Leucrota Press is currently looking for new cover artists to fill several upcoming projects. We will look at many different styles, but there are several requirements that we will hold to:

1. Submitted samples must be in the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres

2. All work must be done digitally – or be able to be clearly scanned and edited in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

3. We work will illustrators only – not photographers, no 3D computer graphics, etc. Plain old drawing, painting, and other hand-drawn techniques.

4. We will consider both professional and student artists. If your work is good, we’ll like it. We don’t look at resumes.

5. We pay in popsicles. (Kidding….)

If you’re interested, please take a look at our art submissions page at for more in depth guidelines, or if you have questions simply email them to

Project needing immediate artwork:
Abaculus 2008

More to come soon

Of Quills and Kings – upcoming release

GENRE: Fantasy

AUTHOR: Joel Reeves

RELEASE DATE: July 4, 2008


It has the power to heal, to prolong life, and to make one a god. It also has the power to bend minds and control free will…

Jonathan Quintain is a naïve young man reluctant to assume leadership after the Baron abandons the castle with his mistress and most of the staff. When a spell cast by the inept advisor and castle mage, Gamitof Pym, goes awry, the castle is turned upside down— freeing a very-underestimated hedgehog prisoner and displacing the magical Orb.

Pox, the youngest of a line of inept and arrogant deities who originally had control of and then lost the Orb, sets out on a mission to recover it. Though Pox’s seemingly easy task becomes botched when Walpole, the so-called Sacred Hedgehog of Yurle, steals the Orb and begins his mission for world domination.

Following a battle for the now-ruined castle, Jonathan learns that the demonic hedgehog has captured the realm’s child-king. With nothing left at home for a young man’s appetite for adventure, he and his friends set off into the desolate land of Yurle to save their king and hopefully recover the stolen Orb.

It is in the unfamiliar and dangerous lands of Yurle that Jonathan and Gamitof discover the challenges of life outside the confines of the castle, and more importantly, they learn the true depths of Walpole’s devious nature and his ultimate plan for humankind.


“There are some things that should not be in the hands of Evil. “Of Quills and Kings” is the story of a young man who must fight a demonic hedgehog for his homeland’s most valued treasure – the Orb of Immortality.

The problem is made more pressing in that the Orb greatly enhances the Hedgehog’s powers. Jonathan, our young hero, must brave insurmountable odds lest he surrender his homeland to the hands of a demon. “Of Quills and Kings” is an exciting fantasy novel from start to finish, and a top pick for community library fantasy collections and their customers.”

–The Midwest Book Review

Abaculus closed to submissions

In case anyone was wondering, the submission deadline for Abaculus 2008 has passed. June 1 was the official last day to get your entries in, and no, we do not accept late manuscripts.

Please be patient with us, as we will announce all winners at the same time, and will respond to all others at the same time as well to make sure we can read through all subs before making any decisions.

We did receive a lot of entries this year–and by that I mean a LOT. So it will be a big job going through all of them, but from what my readers have told me so far there are quite a few good ones to choose from.

Thanks to all who participated, and good luck.

Job openings available

Take a peek at our new “Jobs” page for open positions. As we’re slowly expanding, more will be coming soon.

Now accepting submissions for Abaculus 2008

The annual collection will include authors from all levels of writing. Some professional, others unseasoned. It doesn’t matter. If your story is the best, then it’s in. Stories include science fiction, fantasy, and horror that capture the essence of each genre in their most heightened and original forms. International entries are welcome. Please be sure to follow ALL of the below guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines below may result in your storybeing immediately rejected.

Considered genres:

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We will not consider any other genre.

Terms and specifications:

1) This work must be original and your own. If you are chosen, you will be required to sign a written contract stating that you own the copyright to work and give us permission to print the work.

2) You must be over 18. If not, you must provide written consent by a parent or guardian.

3) Leucrota Press reserves the right to edit the manuscript as needed.

Judging will be based on the following criteria:

Plot and Setting
Character Development
Author’s voice and delivery


1) Short stories only, between 2,000 and 7,500 words. Include word count at the beginning.

2) Content must be written for a mature, well-read audience. No children’s stories.

3) Your name and title of work must appear in the top right corner of every page. Print only one white paper,one side only. Please use black ink, and an easily readable serif font.

3) We do not accept emailed submissions for Abaculus. Emailed submissions will not be read or returned.

Submissions must be mailed to:
Abaculus Anthology
Leucrota Press
P.O. Box 647
Poway, CA 92074

4) You may enter as many times as you like. You may mail multiple submissions together, but each story must have its own cover letter, and be separated by a band or paper clip.

5) If you wish to have your story returned if rejected, please enclose a SASE (with sufficient postage) and a note in your cover letter that you want the manuscript

Submission Timeline:
Submissions will be accepted now from March 1 to June 1 of each year. No late submissions will be accepted. Submissions must be received by the closing date – not postmarked, so make sure you send in your submission plenty of time ahead.

That year’s “Editors’ Pick” will receive $100, and 5 copies of the printed book. All other contributors will receive one book copy and recognition on our website.

Winners will be notified no later than August 21 of that year. Book copies will be distributed on first print.

If you have any questions or comments, email
You may also visit our web page at to view more details and full submission guidelines.