The McKenzie Files – coming summer 2008

The McKenzie Files
By: Barry Nelson
Genre: Science Fiction
Release date: Summer 2008
Cover image: Coming soon

The human United Protectorate is under attack by the reptilian alien race know as the Brelac. The Brelac’s bloodthirsty onslaught brings forth the creation of the genetically engineered humanoid weapons called Reploids.

These Reploids are the perfect weapon in every way; they are identical copies of real humans that have been captured, killed, cloned, embedded with powerful psionic-based abilities, and programmed to kill for the Brelac. They are untraceable, they blend into human society, and they are believable—so believable, that the Reploids themselves do not know they are clones.

Colin McKenzie is a second generation Reploid planted in the Protectorate military. When he turns on his commanding officer in an attempt to protect a shipwrecked band of Brelac soldiers, he is captured and reprogrammed—along with two other arrested Reploids—to serve the government they were originally created to destroy.

A dark alliance between the Brelac and the separatist organization Vendetta looms over the Protectorate. The balance is upset when the traitorous Doctor Howard Fenlow—the scientist who is the very creator of the Reploids—manages to produce a weapon powerful enough to bring the Protectorate to its knees.

And there are only three that can stop it.

Abaculus available for pre-order

targetimageashx.jpgAbaculus 2007 is available for pre-orders. You can order through or through, and hopefully soon B&N.I’m having trouble with the Amazon staff (big surprise) about the book description and general info, because as of right now, a lot of it is missing. I’m hoping they’ll come to their senses and have everything right by tomorrow’s release date. If any Abaculus contributor would like to order directly through us, you can do that too. We’ll even throw in a hefty author discount. Just contact us via email as soon as possible if you’re interested. Thanks everyone for your support on our first book. It really has been a pleasure. 

Abaculus Cover Art Posted

Well I said we would post it, so here it is. The the finalized cover art for Abaculus 2007.
Abaculus 2007 Leucrota Press

Abaculus is due out December 7, 2007.

For more information on how to submit for Abaculus 2008, click here.

Abaculus Stories and Contest Results


Even though I posted the results on the 15th, I’ve still been getting several emails about where to view the results for the contest, the stories that will be included in the book, and whether their story made it.

So here it is again:

For the Leucrota Press WRITING.COM contest entry (opened to pre-registered members only) click here.

For the complete listing of all ACCEPTED and INCLUDED stories into Abaculus 2007, please view our previous posting here.

If you DID NOT get an invitation letter sent to you by the 15th, and your name is NOT on the lists, it means your story was not accepted. We thank you for your submission, and we’re sorry that it did not make the cut. But we had to choose the best 20 stories out of the several hundred we received. It wasn’t that your story was necessarily bad, it’s just that there were others out there that were better.

Keep writing, and remember there is always next year.

Abaculus 2007 Story List

Well, the list has been made, contracts reviewed, and Abaculus 2007 is now officially in the final stages of editing, and will begin layout shortly.

As we’ve said before, it took hours – no, days – of contemplation, arguing, kicking and screaming to finalize the selected stories; the number upped to 20 instead of 19, as we just couldn’t decide between the final two, we chose to put both in.

The Leucrota Press Abaculus 2007 anthology list of stories and authors, in no particular order:

“Poison” by Joshua Waddles

“Atakapa Sunset” by Willis Couvillier

“Itch” by Trevor Hopkins

“Voyage of the Wayfarer” by W.D. Wilcox

“Trauma Train” by David Michael Peak

“Dariel” by Angela Graham

“The Witches Jar” by Beth Ann Starbuck

“The Silent Rattle” by A.S. Berman

“Instinct” by Natasha Le Petit

“Reputations” by Emma Melville

“Waiting for the Flood” by Bryce Steffen

“The Passenger” by Matt R. Konopka

“Neon” by Michael P. McNichols

“Samael Grove” by Phil Keeling

“Game of Concentration” by Sean Berleman

“Elmer’s Grue” by Brandon Ford

“Rebellion of History” by Devlin Lemoine

“Quest” by J.S. Raybould

“Try Not to Breathe” by Lynn McKenzie

“The Hanged Man” by Liz Kimberlin

Again, congratulations to all selected submitters. Your writing stood out above all other submissions sent to us from across the board and around the world – stories sent in from China, Japan, Australia, England, Iceland, Germany, Cuba, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, and of course, the United States of America – and we are glad we are able to give you that opportunity.

For those of you who did not make the cut, please, don’t stop writing. Stories submitted were pitted up against both new and seasoned authors, and it was not easy an easy task for the editors to whittle the numbers down to a handful from the several hundred we received.

The entire Leucrota Press staff thanks you for your support, and we wish you the best.

Keep your chin up, and remember there’s always next year. You’ll get there.

Abaculus comic peek…

Here’s a peek sketch at a comic to be included in the Abaculus 2007 anthology. Besides the nearly 85,000 words of short stories, there will be also several illustrations and short scene-strips by comic artists Joe Navarro and Marlo Ting, creaters of the Poor Boy Comic strip.

This one is still under a critical eye…

A soundtrack for writers?

It may sound weird to some, but when I write I find it helpful, if not inspiring, to turn up the tunes I’ve set up in playlists depending on the genre I’m working on. The same goes for when I edit. I’ve found that music, specifically the right music, can really be a bit of a muse and helps get me in the mood…

For example, just a sampling of favorites from some of my stations:

Horror/fleeing scenes:
Knight Riders by Stromkern
Unleash Hell by Retrosic
Winter Current by System Syn

High Fantasy/describing worlds for the first time:
Vinot and the Sea Bird by Karen Marie Garrett
Kyrie by Chloe Goodchild
Indoctrination by Delerium

Fairy Worlds/magical moment:
Gateway by Constance Demby
Sage of Lamberene by Sam Cardon & Burt Lestor
Endless Cycle by Airto

Depressing/I’ve lost my companions/best friend mood:
May it be by Lisa Kelly
Never Saw Blue by Haley West
Scratch by Kendall Payne

Tension building:
Fault by Imperative Reaction
The Beast Within by Wumpscut
Time by Saliva (from Tomb Raider)

And just to weird you out for no apparent reason, the most off-beat, creepiest thing I’ve heard in a while:
The New Sane Scramble by Jana Hunter

Building a playlist helps you to get in the mood – and for those of you like me who don’t have a lot of personal time to actually slow down, take half an hour getting into writing mode, then rereading what you wrote yesterday, finally to get down to business…It helps to speed things up. Revs you up a bit, if you will.

Again, just a musing by an editor chained to her desk for the day. If anyone else has any playlists/suggestions they’d like to add, please do!